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Thread: When I use a hotkey, I get the "funk" alert sound

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    When I use a hotkey, I get the "funk" alert sound
    Every time, In any program, if I use any hot key, it plays the "funk" alert sound. Whether it be command+c to copy, command+v to paste, or command+t to open a new tab, or any of the other various hotkey's I use all the time. It's really annoying.

    Ok, so I originally started this thread to see if anyone could help me, because it's been bugging me for a couple weeks now and wasn't fixed by restarting the computer or anything else I could think of. But when I went to figure out the name of the alert (called funk) that it was playing, I went to

    System Preferences > Sound > Sound Effects

    and played the "funk" alert, it seems to have fixed the problem. So now instead of asking for help, I'll try to help anyone else (on the slim chance that anyone else is) having this problem. So if you are, then give that a shot and let me know if it helped.

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    Just just by playing the "Funk" sound in your sound preferences, it fixed the problem?
    Thats super crazy, or should i say super Funky.. (lol ok, lame i know)

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    still hearing 'funk'
    i did what you suggested and it stopped making the 'funk' noise when i use a hotkey but only for a couple of hours. it is now doing it again. did you have any further issues with this? if so, how did you fix it? thanks!

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