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    Question Moving settings and files from PowerMac 6500 to Tiger
    Hello all,
    I have a question. One of the Faculty here has purchased a G5 iMac to replace his PowerMac 6500. I know that when he first starts up the computer, Tiger will ask if he wants to load Settings and Documents from an old mac. Is there a way for him to transfer the settings from the old 6500 to Tiger automatically? Of course there is no firewire on the 6500, but it does have these ports:

    PCI slot
    DIN-8 GeoPorts on back of computer
    DB-25 SCSI connector on back of computer
    AAUI and 10Base-T ethernet connectors on back of computer

    Thanks in advance.

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    you may be able to connect the 2 via ethernet and transfer the files that way, like a simple network sorta, both macs must be off, connect the ethernet crossover cable to each, then turn them on, apple talk must be on on both macs, on the older one, select the hd, click file>get info>sharing>allow the drive to be shared, make sure the old mac has set to connect via>ethernet in the tcp/ip control panel. some more info would help at this point, I assume the older mac is running os 9 or 8.6?

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    Im working on getting more info. It is the Faculty member's home computer so I dont have the specs onhand. Should soon tho. Thanks for the speedy response.

    UPDATE *** The 6500 has OS 9.1 installed on it *** ETADPU

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