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    Exclamation Needing to Upgrade to Tiger - bad DVD Drive?
    This is a bit of a long one, so please bare with me... I appreciate your assistance and patience!
    I bought an old G3 (500MHz) iBook with a 10GB drive that was installed with Panther. I upgraded the hard drive to a 40GB (and I don't think that I need to tell you all how much of a royal DRAG it is to install a drive in one of these iBooks, WOW). The upgrade was going fine until I had to detach the trackpoint cable from the system board and the connector separated from the system board. I don't have a sodering gun, so I sucked it up, finished the upgrade and re-connected the keyboard and stuck a retail copy of Tiger into the DVD, powered up the machine and held down the "C" key to boot to the Tiger OS disc.
    The drive makes some sounds like it's reading from the disc, maybe makes two quick passes and then I get the erroneous picture of the folder with a "?" inside of it and the DVD drive ejects the disc tray. I do have the original Panther disc for this machine, but I really want to upgrade this to Tiger.
    The question that I have is does the broken trackpoint ribbon have anything to do with that disc not loading? Does the Firmware sense that the ribbon is "disconnected" and then aborts all pending commands? Is the DVD drive possibly "bad"? The 40GB drive that I upgraded to was an external drive for an old Windows laptop and has been formatted with FAT32, would that have anything to do with it?
    I would think that I would be able to boot to the Tiger disc , go to Disk Utils and format and journal the drive the way that I would want.
    I'm a new member of the forum community and this is my first post. If my protocol is a bit "off", please forgive me. Any assistance that I can grab from you experts out there is MOST appreciated!!

    Thanks again for your assistance.

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    I'm afraid those machines came with a CD drive, so unless it has been upgraded to a DVD drive that would be why your Tiger disc won't work.

    There are still copies of Tiger on CD discs around, but probably at a price.


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