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Thread: Closing apps

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    Closing apps
    Dont get my rong i love everything about mac os x but my dad who is used to windows and hates how you have to quit all the apps. So my question is, is there a way to make it so the apps quit when you close the windows?


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    Not really.

    Some apps do quit when you close the window (System Preferences, for example.) The "rule" is that apps that support multiple documents (Word, Safari, Keynote) should allow you to close a document without quitting. Apps that can't open more than one file at a time (System Preferences, iMovie) will quit when the window is closed. It's up to the programmer.

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    Get your Dad in the habit of quitting from the menu bar or using the key stroke command Q if that's what he wants.
    Each to his own, it takes some ex windows users a bit longer to adapt than others.:-)
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