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    Not loading web pages / .js issue
    Hello all of you,

    Since Friday, a weird problem occupied my system (MBP 17" Late 2008, 10.5.8). When trying to load certain websites in both Safari and FF I'm getting nothing, but with others everything is working perfectly.
    I'm showing you an example with Facebook and Miniclip, you can see how Facebook is looking and how I'm loading Miniclip with perfection.
    Facebook -
    Miniclip -

    Later, I've tried to log-in to my profile at and a weird message appeared instead of the log-in form, saying You must turn on JS!. I've opened the Activity log and saw that there are some issues and my browser is not loading the .js extensions. -

    While I'm suffering from this, we've got other computers at my place with XP/Vista and they got no issues with websites on Internet Explorer/Google Chrome.

    Other weird thing is that when I'm entering Gmail with, the page is not loading, but when I'm typing it like everything is working perfect.

    That's it
    Thank you in advance, and I hope you'll be able to help me.

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    in safari, go to the menubar and press safari>reset safari
    if that doesnt work then sorry, i dont know. i havent used safari in a really long time.

    in firefox, if there is a 'reset firefox' option then do that. if theres not then try clearing your cache.

    if none of these work then DOWNLOAD GOOGLE CHROME! (its amazing!, just make sure u download it for mac)

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    Check your java script settings
    The mac is superior, but we all need at least one PC and plus PC's suck so much people get paid to work on them so then those people can go and buy a new mac!

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    @matteopotato — I've already tried resetting Safari and cleaning all caches. With Chrome I'm getting the same result as above.

    @macuser12 — JS settings in Safari? I've already checked them, everything looks fine.

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