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    WINDOWS XP SP2 on imac, does it worth?
    Hi I purchased an imac 3,06mh C2D, 4gb ram. The question is if I want to install and run Windows XP, should I format the MacHD? (I purchased my computer with AdobeCS4 and Office and they are already installed by Apple Store!!) or it is much simpler and I should only get an third party application (boot camp?), then install windows. (not loosing what I have in my imac now)

    Second, in case I got a Virus on Windows, Could this virus destroys all the info in my imac too? can it?

    And third and last question, thanks God I also have a desktop PC separately, so do you recommend me not to install Windows XP on my imac and just use both computers separately? Is there anybody there that was in my situation and opted to do this instead of having Windows on the imac? does it worth? I mean having Win XP on imac is it a trouble and head ache maker??? thanks!

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    Well you definitely don't want to just reformat the HD and put windows on it. A mac is built for OS X. You should either use bootcamp or your other computer for windows. It's a lot simpler and safer.

    If you get a virus on windows using bootcamp, the mac part of you HD won't be affected.

    If I were you I would just use the computers separately though. There's nothing wrong with having windows on an Mac, but I don't see why you would need to run windows on it when you have a windows machine already.
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    Quote Originally Posted by iZach View Post
    but I don't see why you would need to run windows on it when you have a windows machine already.

    Thanks iZach, if I donīt have to format my hd then perfect.
    I got an 27" c2d 4gb ram. and my pc is Pentium 4 2gb ram, 21", isn`t a bit tempting to install windows on the iMac???
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    For all your options about running windows on OSX see this comprehensive thread
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    yes it can be done through dual partition

    and if virus affects the info of imac will not be lost

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    thanks all, i already installed XP S2 using bootcamp and it works well so far. A tip to anyone that wants to install XP using bootcamp go to Utilities/Bootcamp assistant. Then install Windows, IMPORTANT: JUST USE FORMAT FAT (if you choose 32gb or less) or NFTS if you go more than 32gb). DON´T USE KEEP THE SYSTEM AS IT IS or you will have to do this OVER.
    Re. Windows drivers, after Win XP is installed (you see the low resolution display, no sound etc) then insert your DVD that comes with your imac, restart windows and the system will automatically take all the necessary drivers from there, don`t waste time downloading from internet or you might choose the incorrect driver. Leave the DVD do all, if you need some special driver then you download from internet. Good luck and enjoy your Mac/PC

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