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    New Mac User w/ Some Questions
    So I just got a new MBA and its my first mac ever. I have some problems however.

    -Remote Disc doesn't work AND "CD or DVD Sharing" settings are not present in the Sharing settings in the System Preferences

    -I have been trying for days to get Windows 7 installed along side Mac OSX with no success. I have tried many methods. I do not have a SuperDrive. What seems to be my last hope is as follows:
    -You can install Mac OSX off an external hard drive following a certain method. I wish to do the same except with a Windows 7 installation.

    Is this possible? All I want is a dual boot system and all I have is an external hard drive.

    Thanks in advance if anyone can offer a word or two.

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    The problem is that the Boot Camp installer will not "see" Windows 7 on an external hard drive or on a flash drive. There may be a work around available, you'll just have to try to search and see if you can find something.

    The other solution which I know you probably have already explored is to buy the Apple external DVD drive for the MBA.


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    I don't need the Boot Camp installer to see Windows 7. I need the MBA to see it on start up. Cause thats not showing up and I have the partition ready to go.

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    Are you holding down option key when you hear the chime on startup?

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