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    First of all hello to everyone as this is my first post here. Secondly, please do not bash me too hard if this should go to in another subforum as I wasn't quite sure where to put it.

    Anyway here's the deal - I'm running 10.5 on a white macbook (soon to be upgraded to Snow Leopard at last) and recently I started dual screening it using the miniDVI->DVI converter and a 24" Belinea LCD. The problem is whenever I want to use an application in full screen (like MPlayer OSX Extended or games) the application it uses the laptop's small screen for fullscreen and not the screen the application was on so I can't really use my 24" screen to the fullest. Is there any way to make applications use the external screen for fullscreen mode?

    Second semi related question - when I use certain programs (let's say some games like Heroes of Newerth) when I'm in full screen mode (haven't tried window mode) I can't switch to other applications by using cmd+tab or ctrl+f4. I bet it's because of the applications, because I can use it when let's say my media player is in fullscreen mode. I did check and cmd+something isn't bind in the game and some mac commands like fn+f7-12 do work. Is there any way to change it? I mean it really is frustrating when you have a fullscreen program on one screen and you can't use the second screen because whenever you try to move the mouse over to it, it automatically goes back to the screen with the fullscreen application running.

    Uhm I guess this turned out to be quite a lengthy post, but I hope there will be someone here who can help me with those issues as they are rather annoying so thanks in advance.

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    I can help with your first question , If you go into display pref / arrangement and make your ex display your main monitor( by dragging your menu bar to the large screen) then when you go full screen with an app or movie it will use your ex display full screen.

    Hope this helps and welcome aboard


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    Oh indeed that was easy, though not that intuitive, no wonder I missed that feature when I was looking for it, but thanks for your help. And bout switching between apps I guess it's just the fault of that one app which is running in fullscreen mode, from what I googled people say some apps just don't support cmd+tab which kinda sucks and kills all the joy of having a dual screen...

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