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    Issue Renaming Files
    I'm having an issue renaming only certain files through my network.

    I recently purchased a Mac Mini as a HTPC. I transferred the movies that I had on my MBP to the Mac Mini.

    The Mac Mini is connected to the TV and I do not have a keyboard / mouse for it, so I'm using Screen Sharing to access it when it's needed. I also connect to the Mini in Finder if I want to transfer files.

    I've set access allowing me to read and write on the Mini. Through Finder, I cannot rename some files; on those files when I pull pull up the 'Get Info' screen the file name is greyed out. Others files I can rename without an issue. When I access the Mini through screen sharing, it is the opposite; the files that I am able to rename through the finder on my MBP, I cannot rename when I'm on the Mini using screen sharing.

    Does anybody know what is causing this issue?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Could be permissions - while in Get info go further down window and select Permissions and see if u can change it to read write

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    the permissions i have are correct - it is set for read and write. again some files i can change just fine and others i can't. all of the files are in the same folder.

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