Ok, so I upgraded my powerbook to Tiger. It is pretty much my play machine with nothing that I cannot afford to lose. I have played with it a few weeks and deemed it suitable to put on my home machine. My home machine is a dual G4 1.25 PowerMac. Instead of upgrading to Tiger on this machine, I'd like to do a clean install. This machine is my everyday home box, with all my imporant files, apps and settings on it.

Anyway, what I'd like to do is:

1. Make a bootable backup to an external drive.
2. Clean install Tiger on the internal HD.
3. Use Migration assistant to move my files, settings, Apps, etc. to the clean Tiger install.

I know migration assistant uses firewire target disk mode, but with the external drive connected to my powerbook (boot in target disk mode) I *SHOULD* be able to see the external drive and migrate everything to the PowerMac.

Has anyone attempted this or anything like it? I'm also interested in general impressions at to how well the Migration assistant works as I have never used it.