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Hanyoung 05-17-2005 01:32 AM

Dashboard widgets
I'm new to tiger and got it at my school for an awesome 10 bucks!

Problem is it only came with three widgets for Dashboard (instead of the standard ten I believe?) I can't seem to find these additional widgets and they are not on the mac site for downloading.

ANy help?


trpnmonkey41 05-17-2005 01:37 AM

You probably aren't going to be able to find the Apple installed ones but check here

gort 05-17-2005 06:56 PM

How do you get your newly downloaded widgets to stay on the dashboard? Every tiem I reboot I have to re-run them!

torchy 05-17-2005 08:10 PM

Have you put the widgets in your user > library > Widgets folder?

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