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    Jan 24, 2010
    Restored from Time Machine & iLife and iWork won't work
    This is my first post, so if I am placing this in the wrong part of the Mac Forum, I apologize and please tell me where it should go. So here is my issue.

    My hard drive crashed on my imac (20inch early 2008 model, intel) so I installed a new hard drive and restored everything using time machine from my external hard drive I use for back-up. I restored by inserting the Mac OS X install disk 1. After it finished the "restore" it said to restart so I did, and then it continued to give me a grey screen asking to restart. I reinstalled snow leopard (perhaps I should have restored from this disk?) and this appeared to resolve my issue as everything has returned to my new hard drive except I can't get iphoto, iMovie, Mail, or any of my iWork programs to work. I get an error on the iLife programs that say it quit unexpectedly before it even starts and iWork says there are missing files that I need to reinstall. I have tried reinstalling the iWork and the iLife (from the original disk) and still can't crack the nut. The pictures and movies are there, I just can't get it to run. What should I do?

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    Jan 24, 2010
    Ok so since I couldn't find any examples of this happening on the web, I called Apple tech support and they had me delete the applications and a few files that I wouldn't have known to delete and then reinstall the iLife and iWork apps. At first the shortcuts from the dock didn't work, but when I deleted these and drug new ones from the applications folder, they worked. I am up and running!!!!!!!!!!!

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