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Thread: Recovered Files in trash

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    Recovered Files in trash
    Here's a quick question. How come everytime I reboot my iMac, when it completes the reboot, I always have a folder in my trash called "Recovered Files"


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    My guess would be that, you have an application that is running when you reboot your system. The system aborts the application.
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    I had the same thing on my ibook. Since I upgraded to 10.4.1 I can not recreate the folder. I really don't know what was causing it in the first place. If anyone has any ideas I would like to know.

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    Same problem....

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    Not a problem ~ Tiger is supposed to do that,
    As a for instance Safari crashes > OK restart. Crashes again > try again and Safari renames the plist file and boots as default with a new plist file. The old folder gets put in the trash.
    Update to 4.1 and the old file gets put in the trash too.
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