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    10.6 to 10.5 Downgrade Caveats?
    I'm sorry if this is a repeated question - Did a search but came up with nothing really pertaining to my issue... ANYWAY

    Running 10.6 on an older 13" Macbook - was an upgrade from when they released SnowLeopard. I'm experiencing issues similar to what's been reported on the Air(s) in terms of video pixellation and worse...

    Besides the core applications that came with 10.6 I really have nothing that won't work on 10.5 and have a solid backup of the applications and such that I ran last night (just direct copy, figure TM on 10.6 may not jive with TM on 10.5)...

    I know another rev for 10.6 is coming out shortly (or so it's been rumored), and I'm considering either just stripping 10.6 off and reinstalling 10.5 from the OEM disks that came with the unit, or waiting to see if the new rev fixes the problems, but wanted the experts opinions on it first...

    Sooo... Downgrade? Don't downgrade and wait for the revision? Stop whining? Thanks!

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    Well...the "Stop Whining" suggestion is tempting

    I'm assuming since you mentioned that this is an "older" MacBook...that it no longer has any warranty left. So lets hope the problem is software based & not a hardware issue.

    But if you have install disks for both 10.5 & 10.6...I would say go ahead & give the downgrade a try & see if helps with the video problems. If the 10.5 install doesn't help, you can always reinstall 10.6.

    Good luck,

    - Nick
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    Thanks for the reply, Nick - Older, yes, so warranty, not any more. I'm pretty positive it's not a hardware issue.

    Any thoughts on the TM thing I mentioned? Am I correct in assuming a TM backup made running 10.6 probably won't function correctly under 10.5? Probably better off just copying the items back individually, eh?

    Thanks again


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