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    Unhappy Accidentally changed "Home" folder name... confusing reprecussions...
    Sorry for the new thread, this is probably a simple fix...

    I've been doing some spring cleaning on my hard drive, making backups and deleting old files/folders/etc... Anyway, I renamed the "Home" user folder, the one with the picture of the house.

    I think the result was that all of my preferences in various programs (iTunes, FireFox, etc) that were relying on that folder name can't find the folder because of the name change. I thought, no problem, change the name back, then they can find the folder.

    Unfortunately, when I changed the name of the "home" folder a new folder popped up in the User section with the original name... (i.e. Changed "Home" to "X" then without warning another folder appears called "Home".) The new "Home" seems to appear as soon as a program needs it, opening it you first find a "Library" then a second later a "Cache" or "Cookies" folder appears in it. The problem with this is that I now have unknowingly made changes in two or three different "Home" libraries while trying to fix all my preferences.


    How can I:

    A.) change the name of the "Home" folder once and for all and consolidate all of the new versions of that folder into one?

    B.) get my programs to recognize the "Home" folder?

    Sorry again, stupid mistake.


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    Yeah, I've seen that happen to several other folks also. It becomes a real mess very quickly. What you might try is log off your account and log back on using "Root Access". When logged on as "Root" you can move everything back where it should be and at the same time remove the other folders that are not needed. Here's how to do it: Apple KB LINK

    Just be careful while you're logged on as "Root". If that doesn't work, you're probably going to have to do an "Archive Reinstall".

    I might add: That you should backup your data before doing anything else.


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    "Root Access"! Yes, I will try this. And yes, all is backed up...Twice...

    Thanks chscag!

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    can you restore to a point before this change?

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