A fair decade to you all from Wales uk, and my gratitude for your friendly helpful advice,

My Q',
I would like to know if i can back up my entire HDrive, to save having to re-install all apps when I need to clean up the Disk.
I find my computer slows down after a lot of work so I have to re-install to get it back up to speed, I use, finalcutpro,photoshop,reason. My file management is ok just.....

This is what I have just tried
On my G4 OS X 10.3 I have two hard disks A&B with the (osx10.3) installed on each drive,
I have booted with (disk B) and opened disk utility, 'clicked' new image from file and selected (disk A), so disk-A will be copied as my BackUp Disk,

1/ I have copied the whole disk, is this the right way to go? Or are there specific files that only need to be Backed-Up. (which will result in a clean defraged disk)

I haven't tried to restore with this newly created back up disk yet, I may wait for your professional opinion.

thanks again