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    VM Fusion V.30 - Installing Windows 7
    Hello Everyone,

    I wonder if anybody can help me, I'm in a bit of a pickle. Last night I installed the excellent VM ware fusion v3.0 on my new iMac and the installation was going really well and eventually I was asked to insert the windows 7 disc which I did (i noted the key code down wrong) and the windows instalation was in progress until it diplayed a key code error. The installation gave me no oppertunity to insert a new key code. I had to remove the disc to note the correct key code and therefore I suspended the instalation. When I loaded the windows 7 disc in once more the message was that operating system not found.

    Not resting there, I decided to remove the VM ware fusion and start once more. I re-installed the VM but this time it did not take me through the same set of steps to insert the windows 7 disc and instead took me back to the same error.

    Has anybody made this mistake or come accross something similar.

    All your assistance would be greatly appreciated.


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    Sounds like you uninstalled/re-installed VMware but left the Windows 7, part-installed VM file on your mac.

    What you should have done is just deleted the VM. There was no need to uninstall VMWare. But no harm done.

    Just delete the existing VM file and create a new VM from scratch.

    For info. You don't need to enter a key when installing Windows 7. It will install quite happily without it and then you have 28 days to enter it was you're up and running.

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