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    migration assistant from a shared drive
    heres the deal, i didnt want to shell out the dough to buy a time capsule so i followed some fairly easy online instructions in order to use time machine with a network shared disk. you can do it with windows shares, NAS devices, whatever share... its just not natively capable for OSX to do this.

    so with that said, my setup is using a NAS device as my so-called time capsule and its been working really great. however i can't seem to find anywhere if it is possible to use migration assistant to transfer your backups onto another mac. if anyone who reads this is familiar with the process, you have to make a special "sparebundle" file and copy it to the shared drive. the sparsebundle contains the MAC address of the mac computer you are backing up.... so, logically that makes me think about how would it be possible for the new mac to recognize this backup and be able to use migration assistant with it....i hope i wasn't too wordy, sorry if i was.... thanks for any help on this. i am sending in my mac tomorrow for an exchange so quick replies are certainly welcome.

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    For me that is the very reason to use SuperDuper for a bootable back up - changing drives or computers seems to cause MAC issues with some apps/settings whereas SuperDuper does not. Have booted of the copy on the Ext HD while MBP was away being repaired and continued as normal. Copied the changes back to the MBP when it returned and had no interruptions at all.

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    i just checked out superduper, it looks great! but my storage device doesnt have a disc i can pop into my MBP and boot up. its in a NAS device, or does that even matter....

    time machine would be fine for me if i knew i could make a new sparsebundle file with the new MBP's MAC address and restore from there...

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