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    Widgets not downloading correctly?
    Maybe I'm missing something. I did change the prefs. in Safari regarding downloads after learning about the security hole with widgets but...

    I just recently downloaded that Yahoo Traffic widget and usually it will automatically save into the correct folder but this time it just went into my "download" folder. The widget wouldn't load on the dashboard until i moved it into the correct folder.

    has this happened to anyone else? i downloaded a few widgets before with no issues. Just had to restart the dashboard to get them to load onto the dashboard's menu but...

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    I use Firefox and it downloads the widgets to my desktop, I then copy/paste it to my /Library/Widgets/ folder.

    PS: I dont use dashboard anymore

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    Not all widgets automatically place themselfs in the correct folder. This is because of the ease of making the widgets. Most people can create widgets but can not build an installer. Just make sure that if it downloads to the desktop as a wgt file then move it to the correct widget folder. Hope this helps.

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    oh ok, the yahoo traffic widget seems to be the only one that did not install correctly. oh well. thanks for the advice!

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