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    Oct 02, 2007
    Increase apple/recent apps/ list: onyx, term
    Onyx used to work perfectly, for me, on a late 2006 intel mbp. After upgrade to Leopard, newest Onyx, no longer get the one feature I really want. I just need to increase the /recent applications list from default to 25. Onyx says "done", menu says otherwise. I have added a stack to the dock. Same limit of 10 recent apps. Surely there is a term command to increase the list to 25 in dock stack or apple pull-down?
    I have searched here, google. Don't know why Onyx ain't a 'helpin when above task works on new macpro tower and used to work on this machine before leopard.

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    Oct 02, 2007
    Hey D, just go into prefs/Appearance and modify there. How simple! How thick headed you must be. Get some sleep, old man.

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