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Thread: Loud Fans with Tiger Install

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    Loud Fans with Tiger Install
    I have a single 1.6GHz G5 and just did a clean install of Tiger. When I went to sleep last night I was woken up by the sound of the plane taking off (full-speed fan sounds coming from the G5). I usually leave me computer running all the time, but last night I just had to turn it off. I've had this before when I first bought my G5 and Apple said they didn't have any info on such a problem.

    Anyone else have this problem with a clean install of Tiger?

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    Scary, same here
    Wow this is so weird, I have the same exact story. My roomate woke me up this morning and asked me if my computer was making all the noise. I thought it was someone mowing the lawn outside. But holy crap, it was my G5, same one as your (1.6 Ghz), and the fan was blastin load. It kind of scared me because me G5 wouldn't wake from its sleep when I tried. I restarted it and it thankfully worked and is right now. I think I'm going to call Apple today and ask them about this because it doesn't seem normal for the fan to run that hard. Please if anyone may have any information on this problem post in. Thanks

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    Well Apple doesn't seem to have much to say about it, but they do have this article on their support site. It doesn't seem like it would be much help, but its worth a shot I guess.
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    Actually I just got off the phone with applecare and they game me two options for things I could test out to check and fix the problem potentially. One was to run the apple hardware test but I didn't have the CDs so my other option was to just restart and hold down command+option+O+F and it enters a screen where you reset your non-volatile ram. You do this by typing: reset-nvram, press return, then type: reset-all, and then press return and that may fix the problem. Remember I'm not suggesting or recommending you do this. You should really call apple and make sure that this the right thing to do for your situation. I just thought this might be helpful to show that there IS a possible fix that Apple suggests. I'll have to wait and see if it works for me. Thanks.

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    I actually had this problem before with Jaguar and Panther. This time, instead of calling Apple, I launched system prefs, clicked on "Energy Saver" and unchecked "Put the hard disk to sleep when possible". No problems now.

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    My friend has had the same problem with his G5 and ive had the same problem with my powerbook, the fans wont shut up some times, which is really anoying...

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    My ibook is having a similar situation. I don't use my ibook a lot but since Tiger has come out I needed to use and test before I OK it for the rest of the building. I was using my ibook for about 3 hours while I was sitting at a table. I decided to go to the couch and put it on my lap. It actually burnt my skin cause it was so hot. It usually gets hot but not to the point of burning skin. I couldn't hear any of the fans moving. Then I left it back on the table and started working again. About 20 min. later the fans turned on full speed. I have never heard my ibook that loud before. During this entire time of working I was not doing anything that was processor intensive. I have seen others talk about this in previous OS's and they always said that the next version would fix it. So for now I can just wait for 10.4.1. If anybody else has seen this with their ibooks and have a fix I would like to know.

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