I do my daily operations on my 24" iMac under a separate account from the default administrator account. I've been going through the pain and suffering of trying to calibrate my displays for photography work and have found that I can't apply or change a display profile while logged in as this daily non-admin user. My work account automatically locks on to and uses whatever profile the default admin account is using and I can't change it to a different one. To change profiles, I have to switch to the admin account, set the profile, and then switch back to my daily use account. Not only is this frustrating, but also inefficient when I'm trying to create my icc profiles. The calibration software ends up creating the icc profile in my user library but they can't be read from there or applied to my current display. I have to manually copy them to the system library and then switch to the admin account to pick them up and start using them.

What am I doing wrong?