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Thread: Western Digital, Snow Leopard , Time Machine...INCOMPATIBLE!?

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    Jan 05, 2010
    Western Digital, Snow Leopard , Time Machine...INCOMPATIBLE!?
    I just bought a WD MY Book 1 TB hard drive to back up my new Mac Laptop. I hooked it up, set up TIme machine. pressed start and It looked like it was working...for about 3 GB...then it died. That was 3 weeks ago. Now I've scoured FAQ's, forums, and WD support sites. They, (WD) now tell me that Snow Leopard & Time Machine are INCOMPATIBLE with one another and that I need to get Apple to resolve this issue. I'm new the the Mac after a 20 +year hiatus. Any truth to this or is WD just blaming Apple for their product? My case with WD is #010410-6979384. Is it possible that Western Digital no longer makes Apple Compatible products?

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    Ummm that be weird you say that as i have a WD MY Book 1TB HD and hooked it up straight out of the box and TM did the rest ....
    Im running SL as well
    WD are passing the buck me thinks
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    Return it for a new one. Tell them it is defective and you want a replacement.

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    I think WD was handing you a big load. I have been running Time Machine under Snow Leopard since SL was released. Not only is it working I have had fewer errors now than under Leopard. I have had to verify/repair the Time Machine drive once.

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    Agreed with the rest, Time Machine works great on Snow Leopard. I currently use it with a ReadyNAS for storage. I bought a 250GB WD MyBook a couple of years ago and the thing misbehaved from the first day, random disconnects and so on. Had to RMA it and get a second one which worked WAY better and more reliably.

    So definitely return the drive quickly and get a replacement..


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    I believe you found a tech who decided to increase their handled calls, thus the metrics that no doubt their call center goes by. Call back, demand to speak to a supervisor and tell them their techs are full of it and that Time machine works quite well on snow leopard.. and hey, it even works well with another 1tb mybook.
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    My external disks are WD. One used for TimeMachine and one with SuperDuper! All on Snow Leopard. They work fine. They did before I upgraded to SL as well.

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    On the same subject, can I get a WD hard drive and do Time Machine on my iMac & MacBook? It would stay connected to the iMac and occasionally I would want to backup the contents of the MacBook.
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    Just got my son a WD Studio 1TB . Worked with Snow Leopard/TM out of the box.
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