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Thread: Restore Using Partial Time Machine Backups

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    Restore Using Partial Time Machine Backups
    After three years my HD crashed in my iMac. I have an external drive where I have been doing partial Time Machine backups. Due to space limitations on the drive, I have only been backing up my user folders, not the entire system. How do I get those back on a new HD with a clean install of OSX S.L.? Is the "Restore From Time Machine" option on the OSX boot disk only for full backups using TM?

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    You can restore individual folders from a Time Machine backup by opening TM and navigating to where the folders are. However, if you did not do a full backup of everything you can't use TM to do a complete restore upon reinstalling OS X. So yes, you're correct in that you couldn't use the "Restore From Time Machine" option when installing Snow Leopard.

    First install Snow Leopard and then manually restore the folders you wish by selecting them from the backup (by date) you've chosen.


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