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    Evil Spyware
    Hello, everybody. Here is my problem.

    I have spyware on my 2003 G4 PowerBook, though I'm not sure "spyware" is the proper term. The person who "owns" my computer knows which keys I press, all of my logins, and which webpages I visit. He also knows the entire contents of my hard drive (all my documents, music, videos, etc) and has the ability to modify files and even delete them. Also, to my complete shock, this person listens to what is going in the room around me through the built-in internal microphone. Whenever I turn on my laptop, he knows it. I removed my AirPort card to stop him from connecting to my laptop, but he's still managing to do it somehow through BlueTooth.

    BTW, this person at one point had PHYSICAL ACCESS to my computer for over 1 month and God knows what programs he put on it. I even tried putting zeroes on my Hard Drive and resetting the OS, but that hasn't helped. The spyware must be installed on the computer on some deeper level.

    Guys, what should I do?
    How do I remove his evil programs?
    What are my options besides keeping the laptop inside a metal box?
    And I don't have the money to buy expensive Anti-Virus software.

    I can't throw away the computer, because the contents are too valuable for me.

    Also, a lot of the folders that I have on my Hard Drive weigh more than the exact same folders from old backup discs. Same contents and everything, but bigger sizes. I'm 100% sure that my documents/pictures have been "contaminated" and if I back them up and put them on a fresh system, the spyware will contaminate everything all over again.

    He's probably reading this message right now and working hard to counter all of my efforts, but I, lacking the appropriate knowledge of computers, had no choice but to sign up on this forum and ask you guys for help.


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    Question ?? How do you know this is happening ??
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    Adding to that......
    The person who "owns" my computer?
    Also, you say you removed your airPort card to stop him from connecting to your laptop, but he's still managing to do it somehow through bluetooth.... so are you suggesting that with your bluetooth off, "this illusive he" is doing this?

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    There is no deeper level. If you even erased the drive there is no way for a keylogger to stay behind on that drive.

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    When you say "owns," you don't mean the computer is actually "his" property, right? 'Cause if that's the case, then buy your own darned computer, mooch.

    Otherwise, there are three basic possibilities, in order of likelihood:

    1. He has access to your house/office/car/etc. or has an accomplice who does. (Solution: change your locks, and keep track of your keys.)

    2. He knows your passwords. (Solution: change your passwords. All of them. To something that can't be guessed. Start with your main email account and the administrator account on your computer.)

    3. He installed something, and you either didn't fully erase before re-installing, or you installed again for him when you copied your files back. (Solution: back up, erase and install, set good passwords, and be careful what you copy back.)

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    Or take our powerbook to a friends room and use it there, just in case a camera has been set up in the place u normally use the powerbook.

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    Sounds like a heavy domestic issue. Either give the machine back, or format the drive, zeroing if it makes you feel better, and do a clean install of the operating system.

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    There are ways to install malicious programs on other memory, like in the processor. He'd have to actually change the processor, though, which I kinda doubt, unless he's some kind of spy... Which would make sense, if the contents of your computer are valuable. Still unlikely though, unless you're in some high-up position.

    Yeah, it's probably just on the hard drive. Format it completely, zeroing it out. You should look in to formatting tools in Ubuntu, since Ubuntu is a convenient way to do things without using the computer's hard drive. I can elaborate if you wish.

    Technologist's suggestion is intriguing. As for the third option, when you back up your files, if the program is on the backup, it could run while you're copying files, and copy itself without you knowing. You could try only backing up the things that you know are yours, and not backing up applications. If it's that bad.

    I have to say, though, if the problem really is THAT bad, that he would go to so much trouble to monitor you, I'd say he must have a powerful reason, and you should work on getting rid of that reason. Otherwise, get the police or the FBI involved. Since you know who actually did this...

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