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doylesydney 12-29-2009 06:49 PM

Mac OS X Server 10.4 usr file is overly large
On my OS X Server 10.4.11 the hard drive seems to be filling up without me adding any large files or programs. The invisible usr folder is 32GB, I used Disk Inventory X to look at the drive. Why would this be so large and how can I trim this down and keep it from growing this large again?

doylesydney 12-30-2009 12:01 PM

Found my own answer. Large number of files were in usr/share/swupd/html . They were updates that did not erase themselves after installing Apple Software updates. Had a friend who understands Unix and he used the terminal to remove the files. Probably could login as root and use Disk Inventory X to move them to the trash. Logged in as administrator did not give me enough privileges. Most all were .tar files. We just deleted all files in the html folder.

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