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Thread: problem with re-install for a macbook pro 13"

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    Unhappy problem with re-install for a macbook pro 13"

    Recently I bought my 4th macbook, the first macbook pro, an 13".

    It already came with SL, and everything was going well until I need to clean so many things that I thought it would be better to re-install all the OS.

    I used the OSX install dvd that came with my macbook pro, and the installation stopped at remaining about 28 minutes, I've waited for almost one hour, and tried again, and again, so I tried to let it take any time it would take, and get to sleep, almost 6 hours later, the install was stopped at the very same point, nothing new happend.

    I'm know installing from a SL dvd that I bought for my older macbook, it's taking longer than usual, but it's running.

    Anyone knows what maybe happening with my macbook pro dvd? how can I get another dvd from apple? Is that possible? should I try to copy a install dvd from a friend and keep it with me?



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    Yes its probably a defective install DVD. Just this morning I had to call Apple Care for a similar problem with my brand new Macbook Pro install DVD. It seems that a whole bunch of defective ones were shipped with Macbook Pro's and other models. They are sending me a new one.

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