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Thread: Time machine has deleted all backups

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    Time machine has deleted all backups
    Dear All,

    Time machine failed tonight. It said there wasn't enough disk space (2TB external drive). I went into time machine and all the backups bar one from this morning are gone. One thing that did happen today was that I ran disk utility on HD1 and it said it needed a repair which I did by restarting and pressing shift.

    So where the flippin heck have my backups gone and why is time machine failing to back up.

    Any help appreciated.



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    Have you checked the logs for more specific messages related to Time Machine ?

    Cheers ... McBie
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    Try viewing the contents of the 'Time Machine' drive.

    You should see a folder called 'Backups.backupdb', open that and then open the one inside which is normally the computer name (ie. Martyp's Mac Pro).

    You should have a nice long list of all the backups created in folders named in date and time.

    I'm not sure how you would put these back in the Time Machine app but you can view the contents to recover lost/damaged files.

    If you only have on or two folders in there then I fear the old backups may be lost, but I can't see why that would happen.

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