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    MAC OS X Panther Problem
    OK, I wanted to re-install MAC OS X Panther so I inserted Disk 1 into the CD drive, went to system prefrences and set the startup disk to be MAC OS X Panther Disk 1. However, When I restart my computer it does not load the install screen. I have waited up to 10 minutes and the install screen never came up. I am almost positive that if I take the disc out and clean it a little it will work. However, I can not open the CD drive at this point. Is it possible to open the CD drive or change the startup disk?

    Note: The farthest I get is to the grayish screen with the apple logo in the middle and the loading circle below it.


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    first hold down the power button til it turns back off. then hold down the letter "c" and start it up. keep holding down the c-key until the installer shows up.

    if it doesnt show up after 5 minutes, try getting the disk out.

    on slot loading drives - notebooks, iMacs and eMacs
    take a paper clip, and bend it straight. then insert it along the right side of the drive, and feel for a button. you should go more than an inch in. you will feel the resistance when you find it.

    on tray loading - Powermacs, G4 iMac, older iBooks
    theres a push button (that again is easier to reach with a straightened paper clip) that is there for when the face plate is for PCs to release. if that doesnt work, power off, and gently pull holding the front 2 corners of the drive. (notice the word: gently)

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    an easier option to get it out is to power on and hit option+command+o+f to get to the firmware, then type eject cd and then hit enter.

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