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Smilemon 05-06-2005 08:55 PM

Computer Snoring
Im having trouble getting my computer to go to sleep. When I put it to sleep It comes right back awake. Lately I have been getting USB overcurrent notices that tell me to check the External bus I am using but i dont have one. All my cords are pluged directly into my computer. I am Using a powermac G4 running 10.3.9 anything I can do to make my computer go to sleep?

P.S It has a HUGE fan and sounds like an XSERVE first edition (get the picture) It is driving my family crazy!!!

chouk 05-07-2005 04:00 PM

maybe a pillow might be useful. :) idea. sorry

embries 05-07-2005 09:15 PM

Try unplugging mouse/keyboard? Could be causing your unit to come outta sleep. Any software running in the background that might output to the screen causing it to come out of sleep?

Smilemon 05-07-2005 09:39 PM

Got It
Thanks for the advice. Last night I went to a friends house to do some gaming with my laptop and the same thing happened we used his keyboard and it worked. I guess my keyboard is busted which is a bummer since my dog ate the last one.


embries 05-07-2005 10:56 PM

I'm good. :p

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