I don't know where to start, but I hope there is a solution for this multiple part problem.


1. I recently bought a 1.5 TB external HDD and formatted it in OSX with two partitions. 1 was 100GB and the rest was 1.4TB. Just ran a basic format for them in disk utility, didn't use any special programs, didn't change any settings other than the size. The drive worked great in OSX.

2. Installed Windows 7 through Boot Camp not touching the external HDD. Formatted a partition in the internal HDD for Windows install.

3. Now in Windows I can read the external drive, but not write to it. This, and the fact that no settings were changed when I formatted it in OSX leads me to believe the drive is HFS. It also reads as HFS in Windows.

4. Ever since installing Windows, both partitions on the external are visible in OSX disk utility, however, only the 100GB partition is mountable and accessible. Furthermore, the 1.4TB partition is reading as NTFS. Why, I don't know. It was clearly formatted as HFS and hasn't been changed since.


1. I would like to reformat and repartition the drive so that it is split more evenly and partitioned so that each OS has one.


1. There are some pictures on the drive that I have not been able to back up before doing so. All of the data except for 3 specific folders I have been able to access and at least copy over to a different drive in Windows. This all has to be done in Windows, because again, OSX doesn't want to mount the drive anymore for some reason.

I believe these specific folders are not accessible or able to be copied in Windows because of their folder names.

Pomaire / Isla Negra
Summer Tiiiime..
Vancouver (not BC),...

All these folders were made in OSX, which allows the characters, but in Windows, they use characters not allowed. These are the only 3 folders like so on the drive, so this is why I think this issue occurs with only these 3.

2. I've tried all the NTFS/HFS reading programs already. NTFS-3G still won't mount the drive, even when force is attempted. I believe this is because the drive is not NTFS, it's HFS, but for some reason is being recognized as NTFS in OSX. HFSExplorer for Windows doesn't do squat. It will see the drive, but not even open it to explorer, which is less than even Windows Explorer is doing for me.

3. I've tried running chkdsk in Windows for any errors that may occurred while the drive was unplugged, because I know while Windows is not picky about that, OSX is. Alas, this did not work either, because the drive is HFS, which isn't supported in chkdsk.

4. Tried uploading the pictures to photobucket, tinypic, etc. The folders can still not be opened.

5. Tried renaming the folders, but since the drive is Read-Only in Windows, this isn't an option either.

The main goal is getting the pictures. I don't care how it's done, in what OS it's done. I just want the pictures so I can finally reformat the drive and get it all squared away for good.

So, if you've managed to read all of that, thank you so much.