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    Access a specific computer via http behind a time capsule router ...
    One of the computers on the network is used as dvr to record our security cams and the software has an option to browse the cams via HTTP. Its very simple to setup when its out of the network, all I have to do is activate web browsing and type my IP on the browser, the software does all the rest streaming ...

    But I have no idea how to make it work behind the time capsule router, if I type the local IP of the computer I can see it (example but I cannot see it when typing my connection IP.

    Can anyone help me?


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    Use the port mapping section of the Airport Utility to send port 80 from your public ip (ISP assigned address) to the private ip (from your Airport). Ideally you would also create a static ip reservation in the Airport Utlity so that your web server's ip doesn't change.

    BUT, there a secure login to the DVR website? If you open the firewall to allow http traffic, ANYONE can get in, and they will!

    There are plenty of options to secure connections through firewalls for accessing services. Perhaps you should seek out an IT consultant to give you peace of mind.

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