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    how can I open .zip.cpgz file?
    Can someone tell me how to open a .zip.cpgz file? When I double-click on it, it creates a .zip file. When I double-click on the .zip file, it creates a .zip.cpgz file. Back and forth.

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    There are many posts on this issue (Google search) but no definitive solution to it. It's a compressed Unix file, but that's of little help to you.

    If it's been sent to you as an attachment, ask the sender to repeat the process using a different file format, one that your Mac can open. Filejuicer File Juicer - Extract images from PDF, PowerPoint, Word, Excel and other Files on Mac OS X *might* do the job but that .cpgz compression is likely to be the obstacle.

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    Which version of OS X are you using? Archive Utility supports .cpgz (or .cpio.gz) files just fine (and I know it has since at least Leopard, though I think it has for much longer). Perhaps the archive is corrupt. I'm not sure why it would be necessary to use both, but I made a test .zip.cpgz file and when I double-clicked it (in Snow Leopard), it completely unarchived it to the original form.

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    Enough of this zip/cpgz fretting!
    It seems that the Archive Utility, when faced with a corrupt/illnamed file, even if called '.zip', will then zip it up** anyway as .zip.cpgz. This will unzip to .zip. Stuffit at least has the good sense to choke on the bum file and back out.

    ** or just rename it?

    Try sending the file to a pal with a Windows/Linux box to see what they can do. Probably also find it's damaged.
    Hilarious've got to laugh...

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    Thank you so much!
    Thank you all so much! This was way easier than I thought!! All I did was De-compress the .bin file which turned into a .cpgz file. Then I just changed the name of the .cpgz file to .pdf and it opened to what I needed. Wow! Just try that and dont go crazy! It worked

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