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    Standard User Accounts: Can they see the administrators files?
    I as the administrator on my macbook am about to set up a standard account for my brother. I wanted to keep all my files private, previously I had pacific private folders in the MACINTOSH HD folder these folders you could see in the standard account. I read online and moved the folders into my pacific HOME folder, so basically from what I understand he wont be able to see my files in this folder from his account?

    When logging onto his account from FINDER I can see my user account, now in here there are 11 icons to choose from, four of them carry a little red circled minus.
    • Desktop
    • Downloads
    • Library
    • Movies

    Whilst the other seven don't have these little minus signs, however the first three (below) give the same prompt as the four (above), "The folder <folder name> could not be opened because you do not have sufficient access privileges". The four (marked with *) from below with these I am able to browse the folders.
    • Documents
    • Music
    • Pictures
    • Apps*
    • Public*
    • Restore*
    • Sites*

    Is this how it should be? Should I be worried about the folders without the minus signs, and then the few that are accessible from the standard account, why are they accessible? such as the sites folder does it contain cookies etc.

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    Cant give you excact answer but if you dont want him to see CERTAIN folders there is a great app called "Hide Folders" and you can get it HERE.
    Very simple to use and its all password protected and best of all its FREE ......
    I use it when i have friends wanting to play around without supervision .....

    Maybe not the answer you looking for but it a alternative ...

    Dont forget to use the Reputation System if someone has helped you out !!!
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    Check the permissions of the folders in question, and change it such that only Owner has access to them and your brother's account should not be able to access them..


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    Yes that is exactly what you are supposed to see.

    Google or search apple's knowledge boards for further explanation on how this works.

    Basically as long as you see the 'stop' symbol you can not enter/see what is in that folder.

    The other folders are open because you the user don't have exclusive rights to the applications folder etc.

    See statement about about looking up user/folder will learn a ton of stuff.

    ACSP 10.5

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