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    Unhappy Trash says its empty but isn't - sparsebundle problems
    This question has perhaps been answered however I wanted to give my particular problem a hearing in case it is not the same as others have written about.

    I backup my Macbook to TC using Time Machine but I had a problem with the backups and read that deleting the corrupted sparse bundle would correct the problem. So I dragged the sparse bundle into the trash and emptied the trash. The trash counted up to a ridiculous number of items to delete and took a really long time to empty. However it did empty and showed 0 items.

    Since that time whenever I put anything else into the trash and click empty, the trash continues to count up to varied large numbers of items and take hours to empty even though it only showed 3 documents (or similar) to delete.

    Why is it doing this and how can I rectify the problem? I have other information/files stored on the time capsule too.

    Would love some advice. Thanks

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    Way... way too many specs to list.
    depends on what you deleted. If, for instance they were packages, those three 'files' could have really been 3 directories filled with thousands of items. I'm also guessing you're using secure empty trash?
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    Yeah thanks for the reply, after trawling a few more forum postings I attempted to repair the disk permissions using disk utility and it seems to be doing ok now! Fingers crossed.

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