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    Trouble Moving Files to Snap Server
    Just upgraded to Tiger and I am having problems moving files to my Snap Server. It worked perfectly fine before I upgraded. Now it says "The operation cannot be completed because you do not have sufficient privileges for some of the items". I can actually remove files from the Snap Server back onto my mac, but not from the mac to the Snap. I never had to type in any type of password before. The Apple people insist that it is a password for the snap server. I don't have that info and I believe that it was set up by my friend to avoid being a problem in the future. I did select for Windows sharing and File sharing in the Preferences menu.

    BTW I have the Snap server connected to a Linksys wireless router and another Dell Laptop connected to the router that connects me to the server too.

    PS. I was having problems with my Windows operating system after an update to Service Pack 2. I couldn't save files onto the Snap either at that time. I found a forum that suggested I remove one of the Hot Fixes (or Hot Patches, I can't remember) and so I did and now it works perfectly fine. Could this be similar in the Mac Tiger upgrade?????

    Should I go back to Panther. Some of the upgrades to the applications are cool, but I can live without them to have this work.

    Thanks Anybody,


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    I might be totally wrong as I know nothing about the Snap server, but check in Networking and Sharing under System Preferences and see if anything is blocked there that could be blocking it. Check the firewall settings. How do you connect to the Snap server? FTP? HTTP? Could be Tiger changed a few settings you had set before. It did on my end and I just reset them and all was fine.

    If you can tell me a bit more I might be able to figure it out.

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    I had to reinstall my system because my system got corrupted when I tried to do too many tasks at once. This HAS happened before and I had to reinstall back then too. Is there a way that I can send yo screen shots so that you can see what options/info is in each window that I encounter as I try to figure this out. I tooks some screen shots to show what messages i get and how I configured everything, but I don't know how to place it on this site. Also, the Snap Server is accessed by going to Connect to Server under the Go menu. It seems to be automatic to me. The address for the Snap is smb:// After you posed the questions from your post I went through to my Network Preferences folder and noticed it was set to Automatic. I don't have any other settings set. FYI under Sharing>Services I have Personal File Sharing and Windows Sharing selected. Nothing else right now. I don't have anything selected under Firewall. Once again, is there anyway to send screen shots?

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