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    Powerbook G4 Freezes / Heat
    I've had my Powerbook G4 Aluminum for almost a year now and I've been content with it overall. After a while I started getting freezes. It wasn't too bad when it started off, but it has gotten worse such that now it freezes approximately every hour and a half to two hours of use.

    When the computer freezes up one of two things happens: 1. The screen completely freezes, cursor stops blinking, and neither the keyboard nor the mouse responds, and if Itunes is running the music skips like a broken record, 2. I get an error message that covers the screen:

    System failure: CPU=0 code 00000001 (corrupt stack)
    Latest crash info for CPU 0:
    Exception state (SV=27E75C80) PC=0X000940; MSR=0X00001030; DAR=0X002C700; DSIR=0X40000000; LR=0X00093F8C; R1=0X694DFEE0; XCP=0X0000098 ()
    Bactrace terminated - frame not mapped or invalid: 0X694DFEEE0

    I multitask and really heat the machine up. It doesn't seem as if the fan hardly ever turns on. I realize that this is desirable to most, but I'm afraid a heat issue is what's causing my freezing. Any thoughts?

    I have reset the PRAM and repaired permissions, neither of which seemed to do any good. Does anyone have any other suggestions or similar experiences? Thanks

    I have been searching the threads on both this board and the apple forums and I have not found anything specifically related to my problem. If something similar has been posted I apologize for reposting, but I have not found anything in my searches.

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    If it is heat related, try viewing a DVD. Since it will require system using fullprocessor speed.

    Also are you about the same thing when the system freezes (.i.e dsame number of applications open, or the same applications open)?
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    Thanks for the quick reply. I'll try that with the DVD. I don't usually keep a specific set of programs open at one time, and the lockups do not seem to be program-specific.

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