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    What is the OS X equal to Windows HOSTS file?
    For those that don't know about the Window HOSTS file, it allows you to set the IP address that goes with a host name. For example the IP address for the host name is So if you didn't want your computer to be able to access mac-forums you could redirect that host name to go to some other IP, like which would lead it no where. Anyone know how to do that in OS X?

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    /etc/hosts, maybe?

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    Like meltbanana314 suggested you would find it in /etc. but I think in OS X it is located in /private/etc.

    Run the terminal application and execute the following line:

    sudo find / -name hosts -exec ls -l {} \;

    The above should give you the full path (location) of the host file.
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    Yeah it's found in /etc/hosts or /private/etc/hosts they both point to the same file.

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