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Thread: Desktop Customization?

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    Desktop Customization?
    Yesterday while I was in class, a student in front of me was working on a Macbook Pro, and the menu bar and the windows on all of the programs had been changed to green. I thought back to when I got my Macbook last year, and how I had tried to do that with no avail, and how I had searched the internet for a solution with no luck. It surprised me to see the os customized like that. I figured that there had been an update to allow this, but couldn't find any new features on my Macbook. I searched all morning, and still no luck. What gives? I've heard of programs like docker and candybar for cusomization, but I've never heard of them being able to change the color scheme for the bars and windows. Anyone out there know how this is possible?

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    I used SuperDock to change the color of the bars...not sure about the windows though

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    Magnifique. For some reason the site currently closed their forums where the themes and application download could be found.
    Here is one site that lists some themes.

    Slightly Pretentious Software has some applications for changing the look of Mac OSX However one is still in the development stage.

    The only theme I use is AgauT for iTunes It changes iTunes back to the old blue version.

    Other than that it can only be done with hard work by editing .icxs and .rsrc files, and I have no idea how that works.

    UPDATE 2:
    None of the apps seem to works for some reason.

    Just ask the student the next time you see him.
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    Quote Originally Posted by McYukon View Post

    Just ask the student the next time you see him.
    My words exactly ..... Then post back with the solution if you can

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