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    How to start OSX Server's Software Update Service without internet connection ?
    Hello everyone,

    Please excuse my English I'm French

    Here is the context of my question :

    In my company we have two separate networks, one connected to the Internet, the other isolated from Internet.

    We are currently working on implementing a Software Update system for multiple OSes including OSX 10.4, 10.5 and 10.6 (and some MS and other Unix systems but it's not the point here), the machines are located on either networks.

    The plan we have is to build an OSX Server which will update itself on the Internet connected Network first, then to move the server to the private network for dispatching the updates to the isolated clients.

    At the moment, we have tested and configured an OSX Server 10.4.11, and all works fine in the internet-connected network, the Software Update Service on the OSX Server launches well and the clients are able to update through Software Update.

    We found also many solutions to configure the clients to directly go to our OSX Server for requesting Software updates instead of going to Apple SUSes.

    All of that tested and working on the internet connected network.

    The problem arises when we move the server to the isolated network : it seems that the server perform a mDNS request directly to Apple Update Servers prior to launch the Software Update Server and if no response is given at these requests the Software Update Service doesn't launches itself, and we cannot therefore.

    So here comes our question :

    Does someone know how to build the kind of Software Update Server we want to build (i.e without a connection to the internet when dispatching the updates to the clients) ?

    Or, does someone know a way to circumvent the issue ?

    Thank you very much for your attention and efforts.

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    You should install Apple Remote Desktop (version 3 is the latest). That program has a feature called 'Autoinstall'. It does exactly what you're trying to accomplish here

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