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    Exclamation Help! Spotlight issues!
    Hey! I don't know what caused this, but Spotlight just stopped producing results on certain queries I made, specifically one in which I typed some keywords which I added in the "Spotlight Comments" field of a couple of fotos. It was a scanned film roll taken in New York, so, naturally, its keywords were something like this:

    "Nova Iorque New York NY Rolo 3 R3 Abril 2005 04/2005 04-2005 36 exposições 400 ISO puxado 1600 ISO 400-1600" (that's portuguese, if you're wondering).

    Anyway, I'd type one of those keywords on the Spotlight input field, and nothing! Zero! Nada!... Yesterday Spotlight was working just fine, and making photo slideshows couldn't have been easier...

    Guess what, I tried searching for, say, "Radiohead"... Guess what... again, nothing! I even tried to perform a Finder search *inside* the "iTunes Music" folder, and it couldn't even find the "Radiohead" folder!!

    However, I found that sending the files to the trash and undoing that action solved the problem... But sending their *parent* folders to the trash won't do the trick! And I'm not going to send over 1500 music files to the trash, *manually*...

    So, I was wondering... Is there a way to force Spotlight to re-index the HD all over again? Is is something you can do along the lines of deleting a .plist file (I'm not saying that the Spotlight index is stored on a .plist file, or any file at all, I'm just speculating...).

    Anyway, it's not like Tiger is all screwed up or anything, but suddenly, Spotlight seems a lot more "dangerous" and unreliable. I'm calling it "dangerous" because it was supposed to change the way people store things... I was already thinking of storing heaps of different files in the same folders to ease backups and to rely on smart folders instead of the regular filesystem as we know it... Now I'm not so sure about that anymore!

    What are your thoughts on this? Thanks!

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    Try this in the terminal:

    sudo mdutil -E /

    And then do a man on mdimport and mdutil for everything that they can do

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