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    Getting rid of startup sound (Panther)
    Does anyone know if it's possible to get rid of that annoying sound you get in Mac OS X Panther every time you press the power button to switch on your mac. Is this sound unremovable and etched inside the ROM of all Mac OS X Macs or is it just simply finding a .wav file in a library somewhere and changing it?

    It not that annoying, is just that it sounds like one of the chords in Bruce Springsteen's Philadelphia and everytime I start a Mac up, the song gets stuck inside my head! I quite like that song, but I would like to change this sound if I can because I'm bored of it now.

    Maybe one of you already have Tiger and can tell me if the same sound comes on it when you start up. I'm not one to pay $129/80 just to remove a start up sound. It would just be another reason to convince me to upgrade

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    Google is your friend:

    Or, you could just be like me and never turn your PowerBook off. I just close the lid and let Durandal sleep for a bit.

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