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    Question I'd like to add another user account and install Adeona
    Hey all

    Lately I have been taking my MBP with me just about everywhere I go, I try to keep a close eye on it but sometimes it's alone for a few moments and that's kind of got me worrying because I spent allot of money on it and I have allot of important stuff on it.

    Right now I only have one user account on my laptop which is password protected to protect my information in the event of a loss (theft ect). I'd like to add another user account for a few reasons. first when people are at my house they always ask to use my computer and it kinda urks me a little. I mean it's alright when they just check their e-mail but if they looks around it bothers me and even if their not looking around Im uncomfortable that they might. I keep my journal on my laptop as well as many other things Id like to keep personal, so for this reason it would be handy to have a guest account.

    The second reason is I would like to install Adeona incase someone steals my laptop, I had it installed but just recently uninstalled it to change a few things. I would really like to have an account that is not password protected and which would promote the would be thief to utilize my computer in the hopes that he connects to the internet, uses it enough for the comp to take photos of him, hopefully types something incriminating on it and so forth. before I had Adeona on my laptop but the only account was pass protected so in the event it was stolen I dont think it would have gotten enough use for it to provide the necessary information for me to find it.

    I have never set up separate user accounts on anything but a windows based computer. How do I set up my laptop to separate my user account with administration privileges from a second un-protected account to keep my information secure while allowing a would be thief enough usability to provide information necessary to track down my computer? and which FTP host would you all recommend for use with Adeona?

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    If u have Leopard or Snow Leopard you already have a Guest account. System Preferences/Accounts then go into Log in options and enable fast user switching. Then u are ready to add another account - click the + below L/H pane. Have you got a bootable back up on an External HD - from sounds of it that would also benefit you n case for Theft/Mechanical Failure.

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