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    Question How to delete hidden files on external HDD
    I connect my Iomega external HDD to my MBP that runs snow leopard. I noticed whenever i delete any files from any jump drive, thumb drive, external HDD it doesn't vanish from the drive but instead it stays hidden and still takes up space. In the past i connect the drive to my PC and delete these hidden files and folders. That is quite inconvenient so i was wondering if anyone knows how to delete these hidden files on a Mac without having to use a PC??

    Thanks in advance.

    P.S. i have tried searching for the solution on google but i couldn't find what i was looking for.

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    If, as advised, you have emptied the trash with the external device(s) attached/inserted, and the data remains, then we need to know more about it.

    Files, other than the database one, on an external device are seldom 'hidden', so could you describe them a bit more. Have you at some stage used an external device as a boot volume, ie. has it had an OS on it?

    Of course, one way to delete absolutely everything on an external device is to reformat it, that'll take care of the pesky 'hidden' files.

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