Hi there. I'm attempting to set up screen sharing and have some problems. I'll be doing this on wireless eventually, but for now I'm attempting to get it working using two computers, connected with an Ethernet cable.

My computer is a Macbook, serial W89121ZQ8QR, running 10.5.8

I'm connecting to a Intel Mac Pro, running 10.5.4

Both computers are connected.
Both computers can see each other in my 'sharing' tab.
Both computers can connect to each other, access each other's hard drives and perform all normal file sharing functions.

Both computers have screen sharing turned on.
Both computers have the option "Anyone may request permission to share screen" turned on.

Using the Mac Pro, if I navigate to the Macbook in the 'sharing' tab, I have the option to 'Share Screen' as well as access the hard drive. Screen Shring can be activated and is working fine.

Using the Macbook, though, if I navigate to the Mac Pro in the 'sharing' tab, I have all the drive options, but no option to 'Share Screen'. I can't figure out why!!

Using the Macbook, I've tried going to 'Connect to Network' and manually going to the Mac Pro's address with a vnc:// prefix - I get an error message telling me to check the Mac Pro's settings.

Any ideas?