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    Covert Safari Plugin won't load or uninstall

    If you can help I would be very grateful. For some time Safari (v4.0.3) (since an update of OS Tiger) - began to show a plugin error when opening

    - plugin not loaded error message -
    The plugin in question is listed in the message as - (null) (null) (v0.62)

    So it has no actual name and is therefore hard to find in the installed plugins list in safari

    causes me no pain really, just bugs me that I cannot resolve the issue, as I am a bit geeky and want my mac to run smoothly as it usually does except for the covert plugin.

    I have followed these steps to no avail:

    1. Removed all plugins from system drive library
    2. Removed all plugins from user library
    3. Removed Safari plist file

    So I cannot see why or where the problem resides. (Or indeed what to call it!!!)

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    If you have either of these, remove them.

    Safari Stand

    IF you still have the error, look for and remove SIMBL in:

    Library/Application Support
    Library/Input Managers
    Users//Library/Application Support
    Users//Library/Input Managers
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    You have an old version of SIMBL installed; the current version is 0.8.2 and it's located in /Library/InputManagers or Home/Library/InputManagers. You need to remove it or update it with the current version.

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    Wink Thank you
    Hi Guys,

    Thanks to both of you - I downloaded and swapped out the SIMBL version - this had the effect of changing the error message to (AcidSearch) (null).

    I then found AcidSearch in Applications Support and threw it to the lions in the trash

    Worked first time, many thanks for the help

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