I was trying to install Arch Linux and dual boot it with OSX. I got to a screen where it asked me what to partition as swap and what to partition as root. It appeared like this:


My partition table must have changed because usually my HFS+ partition is /dev/sda1 but instead this was the Linux Swap! So I formatted my Mac OS with the Linux Swap filesystem! And now all my important data is lost, which includes school work, software I was programming, photos, and software keys.

Is there any way I can get my data back free? Maybe with a bootable USB key or something? I haven't done anything since this slip up. I never thought I'd be foolish enough to erase important data and have absolutely no backups of any of the data from recent times.
Ok so it turns out because I only set the filesystem on my MacOS partition it didn't erase anything. A simple repair using my install disc made it boot again and fixed any problems. My partition is saved!