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Thread: Date/Time reset

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    May 16, 2009
    Date/Time reset

    I am using a Macbook Pro 17", which I bought in August 2009. After logging on to my session, a message warned that the date is 01/01/2001. This is the second time it happens. Does anyone had the time reset?


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    Do you have bootcamp with Windows XP?
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    Jan 09, 2010
    I had this same problem, date/time was reset unexpectedly. At the same time, my Mac (2009 MBP) forgot my preferred wireless network. What's the reason?

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    Mar 19, 2010
    I also have the same problems. Did anyone discovered anythink about this yet.


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    May 07, 2010
    I also had the same problem.

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    Sep 19, 2009
    I don't use Bootcamp but it sounds like its related to Bootcamp.

    One suggestion to get around it is to have your Mac date-time synced to a time server. That way the clock will automatically be updated to the current day and time.

    I found another link referring to Bootcamp causing this (not sure if we're allowed to post links to other forums):

    Date and time reset back to 2001 - Mac Forums

    Hope this helps.

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    Has anything else been affected? Lost settings for apps for example?
    If so it could be a PRAM battery issue, or just that you need to zap your PRAM.
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    Quote Originally Posted by aine123 View Post
    I had this same problem, date/time was reset unexpectedly. At the same time, my Mac (2009 MBP) forgot my preferred wireless network. What's the reason?
    I've been having the same sporadic issue also. Time resets to several years ago and the preferred wireless network disappears. I don't run Bootcamp but I do run VirtualBox occasionally. The problem doesn't occur after running VBox, though. Seems to happen after putting our MacBook Pro to sleep or starting up after a shutdown.

    I've been curious if the issue is with the latest updates to Snow Leopard (like 10.6.2 and 10.6.3). What OS version are people running that are getting the same issue?

    Also, PRAM reset didn't fix my issue.

    Late-2009 13" MacBook Pro - 2.26GHz, 4GB RAM, OS X 10.6.3

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    May 08, 2012
    I'm also having this problem
    Did anyone ever resolve this issue?

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    Nov 11, 2012
    Anybody out there?
    Don't like the odds of me getting a response as this thread seems to be abandoned however I have the exact same issue and would like assistance.

    The issue (has occurred to other users as well): Was on mac yesterday using it as per normal, turned it off late last night which was actually today. Turned it on later today and my screen was flooded with prompts. Mainly date and time had been reset to 1/1/2001. Secondly wireless network had been forgotten and multiple system network processes required to be 'allowed' once more. Most of them had default names I unfortunately forget now, the only one that did strike me as odd I wrote down - KRB5KDC - which i discovered to be a network service process.

    I can confirm that this is definitely not related to boot camp, as I have never used it, ever. This happened to me today after doing nothing at all different yesterday then I do any other day. This is the first time it has ever happened to me.

    I have a MacBook Pro also, currently Mac OS X 10.6.8 - Model no. A1297.

    I noticed that my mac reached 101'c last night (not uncommon for me) but this is apparently normal under heavy use and the fans did spin up and lowered the temp to about 90'c so I doubt that's the issue.

    I installed a Java update a few days ago but that's the only other factor I can think of, doubt it's that also.

    Any help would be awesome as this is a bit worrying. If you need any more info about my system or anything just ask.

    Cheers interwebers.

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