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Thread: Self Starting Macbook

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    Self Starting Macbook
    Hi All
    I hope I am in the correct portion of the forum for this question. I'm guessing it is an Operating System issue. (Caution! I usually guess wrong- just ask the lottery ticket seller.)

    My 15" Macbook Pro (Vintage 2007) turns itself on at will. I use OSX10.4.11 I made sure to look at every possible post in many forums and followed the suggestions. (Except the one telling someone to put it in the freezer overnight to solve the problem. Thought that one was a little too wacky.)

    I have Bluetooth as Non-Discoverable. Scheduler is off. None of my programs that can schedule things (such as Prosoft's Databackup or iCal alarms) have scheduled events. There's no ethernet cable attached. I even have my wireless modem (router?) in "Stealth" mode. All firewalls are on. (There are many other people with wireless networks close enough to my house that my computer sees them.) I reset the SMC controller at the suggestion of the Genius Bar guy who was working on my wife's Macbook warranty repair.

    I leave it off (not sleep) with the lid closed and no power cord attached. Before I close the lid, I make sure it is 100% off. Yet, it will still turn itself on at random (Not every day, and sometimes multiple times a day. Various times of day.) The unit is super hot when I discover it on. (Thankfully, it is mostly on a table and not in a suffocating soft case.) For now, I take the battery out when it is unattended. Since I have a Speck hard shell, this isn't the quickest task.

    It's never been spilled on nor smoked around. The battery is a replacement for the non-warrantied defective Apple batteries. Other than that, it is all original equipment.

    I can't think of, or find, anything else to try to keep it from getting turned on on- other than showing it a naked picture of Ernest Borgnine skydiving or calling a priest for an exorcism.

    Do any of you folks have any ideas for something I missed?
    Thanks Very Much,

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    Have a look in Sys Profiler - Option/Apple Menu and have a look in Software/Logs/Kernal.log and that may give you the code connected to random wakeup then all you have to do is find what the code means :-)

    Click for full size

    Then there is Applications/Utilities/Console with heaps of choices.

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    I looked in System Profiler. I don't have (or can't find) a Kernal Log. I can't find an "Option" or "Apple Menu" to choose. I do have a System Log under Software. Sadly, it only has this date's information about the two programs that crashed today. (Disk Inventory X & Turbo CAD)

    Next time it turns itself on, should I dive into this System Log to look for the cause?


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