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    Angry Help! External HD Stopped showing up!
    Okay, so I installed an update last night. And during the update, my computer force quit while my external HD was plugged in. I had to single user start my computer to get it to boot up at all this morning and that worked after it fixed some issues through running fsck. Now my computer (macbook 08) works fine and normal, but when I plug in my external HD, it does not show up on my desktop or in disk utility. But it works fine on my work mac (imac) and also on a HP PC laptop. But I do all of my work on my macbook so I NEED it to work on that. Please help!!!!!

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    Nov 19, 2009
    ....and also, I have tried restarting it, unplugging everything for 15 minutes then restarting, starting in verbose mode and not seeing any issues, and many other things. I have been "googling" now for 3 hours and nothing seems to help. I think I need a pro on this one. But I'm not sure who to call or email.

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    How about resetting PRAM, have u tried that, look here

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